Thursday, August 28, 2014

Starting with Oracle SOA Suite

I am new to Oracle SOA suite. First when i started with Oracle SOA suite, latest version was 11g and there was two options.

  • Download and Install the SOA suite 11g all by yourself
  • Download the ready to use VM and start developing  
As any other inquisitive developer my thought was to go with first option (Install it myself..booyeah !!!) and downloaded all the required components (Database, Weblogic server, Soa suite, Jdeveloper ..blah blah..)..

Oh Boy...That was a mistake. Being complete stranger to oracle soa suite and to install and configure each and  components was not easy....most of the time i didn't had any clue about what i was doing and was getting errors one after the other...So i ended up downloading the VM and started using it. 

Down the line i got carried away by other things and was not able to take it up seriously...
Now when i thought about starting it all over again...there it is ...Oracle SOA Suite 12c....and first thing i noticed was there is only one single installer and this is what oracle says about it

"New to Oracle SOA Suite 12c is the quick installation of the single rapid installer that combines all of the 
components from Oracle SOA Suite needed for development into a single file that can be installed in under 30 
minutes allowing developers to quick jumpstart their projects".

This time i didn't had to think twice. No more VMs and there starts the download...